Monday, September 19, 2011

check. check.

the first check – I found my wedding dress this weekend. The second check – I found my bridesmaids dresses this weekend. By saying '” I” found my dresses, I really mean my wonderful family and friends helped me find my dresses! On Saturday morning, momma, Mrs. Mary Ann, Amanda, Kaley, Christy, and me loaded up (thank goodness for Amanda’s mom vehicle) and headed to Jasper dress shopping. Long story short, Momma and I went to Birmingham a few weeks ago and found the *perfect* dress. WE hesitated ordering because it was a lot of money. Mom – and her techy self – was browsing online and found another dress by the same designer that was almost identical. We located the dress at a store in Jasper, made an appointment, and off we went. I found the dress we went for and several others and headed to the dressing room. I will admit that I loved every second of trying on dresses. I am relieved to have found “the one” but I am also sad that I will not get to do this again. Anyways, I tried on all the dresses and narrowed it down to two. After consulting everyone, we decided one was a little less dressy than the other and that I needed the dressier one. Let me tell you, I LOVE the one I we finally chose. I wish I could put it on right now. However, even though it is ordered, we will be waiting until around January for it to come in. After finding my dress, it was to the bridesmaids room to look. Here was my problem – I knew what color, material, and style I wanted and I couldn’t find it. I would find a dress I loved and hate the color "gray" it came in or I would find the color I loved and hate the material. Long story short, I was really tired of looking for dresses. Thank goodness for friends who carry on when you are tired because Christy and Momma headed back for one more run through the hundreds of dresses and came out with the most perfect dress. The top of the dress is almost identical to mine, the material is perfect, and while the color is darker than I had imagined, it is PERFECT!

The weekend got even more perfect when I got to visit Daniel Saturday night. It was so nice to have nothing to do. We relaxed, went to Wal-mart, ate supper, watched Country Strong, and went to bed! Sunday, I had a yummy breakfast in bed, we watched The Lincoln Lawyer which was fabulous and we went to visit the Vick’s in Tuscaloosa. weekends like that are few and far between since we are both so busy.  I am headed back up there this weekend to do some crafting and fall decorating!

Now that the dresses are taken care of, we are onto finding flowers that we like and food to eat! The wedding is slowly but surely coming together!

p.s. I hate to blog without pictures but the only ones I have are of the dress and those will have to wait until next June!