Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuscaloosa Couples’ Shower

This past weekend, Daniel and I had a wonderful party with some great friends. When Daniel and I started dating, I knew I would gain some new friends (his friends) but I never knew they would become like family to ME! Josh and Christy have become such a great part of our lives and were so kind (even though they are in the middle of moving) to have our shower at their house. They (along with my bestie Kaley and Ty) threw a great shower! We got lots of great gifts but mostly, we had an absolute blast. I said “you know it’s a good party when you are doing ‘the train’ in the living room before the night is over!” – I think the pictures will speak for themselves. Like I said, we are lucky to have wonderful friends and family and could not have made it this far without their unconditional love and support!

Josh, Christy, Daniel, Me, Kaley, and Ty - Our Wonderful Hostesses!
Food Table - love the colors!
me and Kathryn Ezell
me and Anna Banana :)
Butler Girls - Emma, Me, and Anna
Best. Friend. Ever.
I was explaining to her that when your arms are actually skinny there is no need to do "the skinny arm"!
Marengo County Boys - Justin, Critter, Daniel, Tyler, and Josh
Me and Tyler
Pretty flowers that Mrs. Dee put together
one of the cutest couples ever!
opening gifts
toasting flutes for the reception!
Love all of these Vicks - can't wait to be one!
Love TB and Ramanda!
Beer cans on roof = need for ladder!
Bakery cupcakes - YUMMY!
Love, love, love!
party foul.
clean-up crew
Love Mama Hornsby!
Me and Joshua
Kaley insisted on this pose!

This was definitely one of our most fun showers. I am so excited about our other ones to come. I have LOVED being engaged but once again, I am ready to be MARRIED!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter is one of my MOST favorite times of the year. Generally it means warmer weather (although we have had quite a bit of that lately), pretty flowers, and newness around everything! This Easter was great – not quite as great as last year. Daniel and I have been happily engaged since last April and will be happily married in less than two months! The time has flown by and has been fairly stress free! Though I have enjoyed being engaged, I am ready to be a WIFE and have a nice relaxing summer!

Easter pictures are always some of my favorites – I love the pretty clothes and colors… here are a few from the weekend!



Sunday, April 1, 2012

counting down days…

As hard as I try to live my life in the here and now, I find it so hard not to be anxious about all the great things in the coming days! As a teacher, I am counting down school days, as a bride, I am counting down the days until I am a wife, and as a friend, I am counting down the days until Luke Linder makes his arrival into the world!

On the home front, things have been uncertain and BUSY! I am sure the Lord laughs every time I make a plan because they never seem to work out! Currently Daniel is back at the railroad (under different management) however, we are hopeful that a job will open up close to home in the near future – preferably in the next 68 days!

On the school/work front, I survived my first set of standardized tests! We worked really hard and then were rewarded with a week off! It was fantastic to have a week off – Spring Break is kind of like a major perk of being a teacher!

Spring Break started last Saturday with a wonderful Miscellaneous Luncheon at the home of Mrs. Jackie Allen.


That night was spent eating my yummy mud bugs at Sage and Amanda’s.

Rhett and Crawfish

On Monday, Momma, Sara, and I traveled North to Chattanooga – you say WHY? we say WHY NOT? We began our trip with a visit to the Aquarium and Imax.


It was fascinating and I always come out wondering why I didn’t major in something where I could feed animals for a living (maybe because of the SB thing?!?!) – We enjoyed dinner that night at Big River Brewery and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for dessert. Tuesday was busy, busy with Incline Railway, Ruby Falls, and Rock City.

incline railwayrock cityruby fallssee rock cityseen rock city

We enjoyed dinner that night at our hotel – The Chattanooga Choo Choo.

choo choo

It was an experience to stay in a REAL rail car and I would strongly suggest a trip to Chattanooga to anyone with small kids – a safe city with lots to do! After a riverboat ride Wednesday morning, we made the trip home (complete with a pit stop at Hobby Lobby)!

The rest of my SB was spent planning our wedding. Momma and I made what was hopefully our last trip to Jasper to pick up bridesmaids dresses and my veil from Diane’s Formal Affair. I was so happy to have that out of the way even though it took a whole day!

Saturday completed SB with a river trip with Mo, Sara, Daniel, and Pearl! We ventured into some creeks where we saw river creatures sunning! While they are great to see on the bank, we wonder how many were in the water with us!

gator 1gator 2

Pearl LOVED the sandbar and acted so funny. She is going to make a good river dog this summer!

Mo, Sara, and Pearlpearl 1

After a shower and a nap, Daniel and I headed to our first couples shower. It was held at the beautiful Utsey Lake House by some wonderful friends. The food was great and we got some great things! We are so lucky to have family and friends who have made this entire wedding planning process so much fun!


Next on the agenda: back to school, thank you notes, Easter party, Good Friday, fishing, river, Easter, more showers, and lots of little wedding details that are sure to keep me on my toes for the next 68 days!

And in case you need a laugh to get you through the week… YES. WE. DID!

antique 1antique 2