Tuesday, September 11, 2012

blogging hiatus…

I just realized that the last time I blogged was the night before Luke was born and that was ten weeks ago. For those five faithful readers, I apologize. I have no excuse except LIFE! I will try to play catch up on the past ten weeks - nothing too eventful. Just life in general...

The end of June was spent recuperating from the wedding, seeing Luke be born, and many other things. It is a strange feeling when a childhood friend has a baby. Katie was preggers in our wedding and she hung in like a trooper. She danced, she took pictures, she laughed, and she was perfect.

A short two weeks after the wedding, we (Katie and Patrick's families and Auntie Favorite) welcomed Luke Patrick Linder into the world. He was nothing short of perfect. I know that Katie and Patrick are wonderful parents. Skipping ahead a little bit, Tuesday after Labor Day was Katie's first day back since Luke was born. I truly missed my teaching friend. It is so nice to have her back down the sidewalk for the rest of the year!

I was right about Katie and Patrick being wonderful parents. Luke is precious and they are wonderful as a family of three.

In other news, Momma and Daddy purchased a River Camp on the Tombigbee. It truly is one of my family’s most favorite places in the world so I am sure it will get lots of use!

Daniel and I are as happy as ever being married. It has been an adjustment but a good one! Our wedding day was seriously the best day ever. I look at pictures all the time and realize how blessed we were are to have such wonderful family and friends.

wedding 1

In other big news for our family, this little guy…


is going to be a big brother in April. We are all hoping for a girl (at least I am) but all we really want is a healthy baby and a not jealous big brother. Rhett is at such a fun age. He started at Little Saints in August and I LOVE watching him on the playground. He loves to come to “Aunt Curt’s” room with the pencil on the door. His teachers tell me that he looks out the window at my classroom at least once a day which makes my heart very happy.

Morgan hit his first hole-in-one and won the club championship at the end of the summer. The hole-in-one was a first but the club championship was a repeat. The entire family was very proud of both…


Can’t finish this blog without another wedding picture…


I will try to be back sooner than ten weeks but I make no promises… until then!