Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

I can think of few things that scream FALL better than the Pumpkin Patch - however, Fall weather was far from what we had today. It was at least 80 degrees and mostly humid- at least the rain held off. Despite the hot weather, we had a wonderful time at the Circle S Pumpkin Patch. This is a picture of my wonderful class, co-teacher, and field experience student/teacher.  Yes, there are six kids and three "teachers" plus four parents and of course, my mom came, too - the adults greatly outnumbered the students which was nice!

We arrived (after a scenic detour by our leader, Kaley - who lets the first year teacher lead?) promptly at 9 - we quickly boarded a trailer complete with hay pulled by a tractor. The kids were pumped. After arriving at the Pumpkin Patch, each child was given a bag to put their pumpkin in - most of them grabbed the first one they saw, however, there were a few who carefully examined many before choosing one! After a few pictures, we boarded the trailer to return to the play area. We played, looked at farm animals, jumped in a space jump, had juice (a few spills) and zebra cakes and then loaded the vans for a return trip to UWACS.

I must also say that I was trying to dress "teachery" for the our first field trip so I added a simple pumpkin pin to my shirt this morning - Kaley informed me it was TOO teachery :) Can't wait until she sees my fabulous tacky Christmas sweater... too teachery?- HA!

The trip was great - and I survived my first field trip as the "teacher" and not the helper. Can't wait to see what the next field trip brings- no parents and three times as many kids - probably!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ahhhh :) Fall

So, this time of year is my ABSOLUTE favorite... there are so many fun things that happen in the fall. The leaves are changing and they are beyond gorgeous! This morning, I took a nice golf cart ride to the Country Club to take some pictures of the fall leaves before the rain gets them. It is so peaceful (all year long) but especially this time of year on the golf course in the mornings. The tiniest maple trees make the most beautiful fall leaves (pictures to come soon, hopefully). I also rode down to the pond to try to catch a few pictures of our new ducks- needless to say I forgot the bread so they would not come close. However, I will be better prepared next time and I WILL get some better pictures!

Another fun fall event that I am enjoying for the first time today is the Fall Festival. Let me just say that my three year olds are beyond pumped- right now, the whole room is snoring because I told them if they went to sleep that when they woke up it would be time for the fall festival - ah, the simple things! Can't wait to see their faces when we finally get out there!

Did I mention that I am going to the beach today... yes, the beach in October. What are you going to do at the beach in October? you ask... NOTHING! This is going to be a much needed get away and relax weekend with a few of my favorite people. I am most looking forward to the eating - breakfast at Tacky Jack's and lunch at Sea-n-Suds :) Does it get any better? Oh yes- Alabama is playing Tennessee - good ol' Rocky Flop - hoping for another W!

Until next time... :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guess Who?

This is me - Courtney Reynolds. I am a graduate student at The University of West Alabama where I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am currently a Graduate Assistant at the UWA Campus School where I teach the older three year-olds in the afternoons. The kids are great and they keep me on my toes!

I have been wanting to create a blog for a while but did not think I had anything to blog about... little did I know that this would be a class requirement for the semester. I am pumped... I have to blog - about something - who says it has to be interesting?

Some things that I enjoy are: family time, friends, fall time, Cotton (see picture above), Alabama football (RTR), peanut butter cupcakes (made by Elizabeth Entrekin McKenzie - they are the BEST), school (yes, I am a dork), being organized (can you say Type A? - that's me), kids (maybe that's why I became a teacher...), being slightly domestic (key word- slightly), and the lsit could go on and on and on ... but I will stop - for today, at least :)