Wednesday, March 21, 2012

happy birthday to me…

Based on the title, it's obvious that this post was started about a month ago - pictures haven't been added but here it is... better late than never!

No matter how hard I try to make time slow down, it seems to be flying by entirely too fast. I am 24… it seems like yesterday I was celebrating 18 and then 21 – now 24 and I am looking forward to an insurance break at 25… where are the years going? Since time does not seem to be slowing down, I am attempting to enjoy the present day-to-day, even when the days aren’t everything I expect!

The birthday celebration started (as always) with mine and Kaley’s joint celebration. We are so lucky to have birthdays that are a week apart (she is older) and we TRY to celebrate together each year. This year, she made the trip to Butler to have dinner with the family at the Country Club. After visiting around the fire and then enjoying supper, Kaley headed back – thank goodness she did because she was graced with the stomach bug for the rest of the weekend. As much as I love her, I am glad I was not sick on my birthday.

I spent most of Saturday working on wedding invites. I have finally finished addressing all of them and only need to stuff about half of them! This is one way we are saving money and I have been pleased with the results!

Saturday night was spent supporting Morgan at a political function and then keeping Rhett for Sage and Amanda. At two and a half, he is full of energy and keeps us going nonstop. I was actually asleep before him on Saturday night!

Daniel and Daddy have spent the past few weeks hard at work at “Granny’s” house. We now have walls and fresh paint. The kitchen is still empty and the floors need to be worked on but other than that, we they are making good progress!

Sunday morning (my actual birthday) was celebrated with a big breakfast. I love having everyone together to do anything (especially celebrate me)! I was so excited to get some Bobbi Brown make-up, a sewing machine, a Kitchen-Aid mixer, a scarf, and some Emi-Jay bands! I am so excited about my domestic tools and know that I will love learning to use each of them! The rest of the day was spent being lazy and enjoying the warmer weather!

In my 24th year, I will begin having wedding showers, finish my first year of full time teaching, marry my best friend, honeymoon, start “our” life together, make decisions about where we will make that life, be with one of my best friends (Katie) through her first pregnancy and welcome Luke Linder into the world, watch Rach marry her prince charming, and lots of other exciting things! I am excited about this year and can’t wait to see what it will hold!