Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 days :/

I swear that I won't start a weekly countdown and update to the number of days left until graduation but you must understand that I am REALLY, REALLY, did I say REALLY ready to graduate... and just in case you were wondering, it is just 100 short days away!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mo!

Today is my oldest brother Morgan's 29th birthday... I will definitely be the one to remind him that he is getting OLD - one more year of being twenty-something has to be a little depressing... just saying! If I haven't told you before, my brothers are two of my absolute best friends. They go above and beyond their sibling duties to treat me like a princess. They are handsome and loving and well - they are mine so you should be super jealous :) Anyways, back to Morgan's birthday... on Tyler's birthday, I posted the top 10 11 reason that I loved him so of course, I must post for Mo, too :)

The top ten reasons I love you:

1. You are passionate about things... most people have one hobby that they love - you have several, and you give them all 110%. Golf, duck hunting, etc. Now, the true test would be if they made duck season during golf time-  which would you choose?? hmmmm... thoughts to ponder!

2. You were such a bad little kid but you have turned into such a wonderful man... but seriously, as a kid - TERRIBLE (from the stories that mom and dad tell, anyways). But I think you have redeemed yourself, for now anyways!

3. You are a hardworker - not that you don't like to sleep late but you will get up and get things done. You are a go-getter and very driven :)

4. You have the BEST little sister ever (wasn't that a given?)

5. The bond that you and Cotton have is hilarious to me - like partners in crime, I can tell that you two are kindred spirits because ya'll are so much alike... which is not a good thing!

6. Your dogs... they say a dog is a man's best friend and with you, that is definitely true. Everytime I feed your dogs when you are out of town, they see me round the corner and I can tell they are wondering where you are - so disappointed it is just lame Aunt Court :)

7. Your love for the outdoors is like no others - you are like a little kid when it comes to playing outside. Whether it is 20˚ or 100˚, you want to play outside... riding in the swamp or taking a river trip out of town.

8. The way you LOVE to fly kites and do stupid things like that. Flying a kite on a fishing pole WITH an audience at the beach is definitely something I will remember forver!

9. You have a sweet spirit- the drop anything, be there for a friend kind.

10. Your FORK, boots, and golf clubs- things that you are passionate about and love :)

and last but not least: you are one fifth of the greatest family in the world.

Happy 29th birthday :) I love you!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Crafty Weekend

So, remember that I told you I have a slight major obsession with craft blogs... well, that has led to the craft fever at my house. I watched a video from this blog about freezer paper stenciling. Little did I know that in the same week, Sara caught the fever and watched the same video. She had already made her nephew Mack (who will not make his arrival until March yet already has a full wardrobe) some really cute onesies. She painted some using the freezer paper and fabric paint and then she appliqued some using fabric. Nonetheless, they turned out super cute. On Friday, we drug out all of our arts and crafts and began making some things. I made my sweet nephew Rhett a shirt with his initials in the cutest stripe fabric and I made my cousin Madison a onesie using fabric paint and stencils. As soon as I get those pictures loaded, they will be up.

Fabric Paint Onesie for Madison

Applique T-Shirt for Rhett

Nan who has a crafty sister in Huntsville showed me some really cute letters for wreaths or to put on doors by themselves. They are super cute and really easy. You blow your letters up to the correct size, trace it on plywood, find someone nice enough to cut it out for you, place scrapbook paper around to cover the entire surface, and then, using spray adhesive, attach the paper to your board. Once the paper dries, flip the board over and use an exacto knife to trim around the edges. Almost forgot the final step :/ Apply a layer of Mod Podge over the top of each letter. Nan and I figured it up last night that after purchasing the plywood, paper, and adhesive, we had about $5 in each of these letters. They are so cute and would make wonderful gifts. We are working on some more for next week. AND- if you are lucky like me Daniel, you have an initial that you can do both sides of and it will still look like the letter. If this is not the case, you should probably paint your letter beforehand so the back looks "done."

Easter "V" for Daniel's house

St. Patrick's "V" for Daniel's house

Spring Time "V" for Daniel's house

Fleur de Lis "R" for the Reynolds house

Valentine's "V" for Daniel's house

Thursday, January 20, 2011

107 days...

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook then you may already know that 107 is how many days I have left until graduation. As a longtime school lover and goer, I am just tired. I know that through teaching, I will forever more be in school but I am ready to be more on the teacher side and a little bit less on the student side... that involves studying, online classes, 55 minute videos that are BORING, and all of the other junk that, after five years, I am tired of. I know the real world will be a big adjustment... but I am ready to do something different, the long drives to Livingston and the dark, late night ride homes are wearing on the body this semester (and we are only in the second week).

Luckily, I have sped through my Master's and I ONLY have 107 days. Some people are not as fortunate as I am to have a job that not only allows me to go to school full time but also helps me pay for it. I am also lucky to have parents who are willing to educate not one, not two, but three precious children... :) as negative as this post may sound, I am truly grateful for my many blessings (especially my education) I am really just ready for a break...

so ready for a break that I already have one planned...

Sara and I will be heading to the Gulf (and I know the water is not that blue in GS but you get the point) for a few days during the week between when classes end and when I make that final walk across the stage... for now, anyways!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

Whew - it seems like I just said hello to 2010 and now it is gone like many years before. I know they say you are getting old when time starts flying by but seriously, it needs to stop... sloooooooooow down just for a few years so I can enjoy being young :) while I still am!

Seems like every year I resolve to do this and that... but this year, I am serious - I am going to lose some weight and exercise regularly. I am also resolving to save money and stay in contact with more old friends. I will keep you updated on the progress that I make with my diet :/

Daniel hunted all day on NYE so I spent the day with Amanda and Rhett - he loved my new rain boots Santa brought me :)

We rang in the new year with lots of friends and fun.

It was nice to get some sugar at midnight for the fourth year in a row from Daniel... 2011 is sure to be a great year - I finish graduate school and hopefully I will get my first big girl job (like the full time kind). I am open for whatever else comes in 2011. I am always excited to see a new year in and to see old ones out.  It is such a good time to start over. So far in the new year, I have been super productive... calendar numbers and bulletin boards for January AND February... clean closet, Valentine's present(s) ordered, and made Daniel's mom a calendar... all of that and I slept until lunch yesterday!!

So, here's to all that will come in 2011 - I can't wait!