Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Very few words…

for me, a post with no words would be a miracle... here are the pictures I promised :) and a sad note that we did not make our Charleston trip due to a little sickness of the parentals... hate we missed the wedding BUT I got to spend the entire weekend with Daniel where we made the lovely flower beds and decorated for Easter... see pictures...

Remember the cake the man stuck his finger in? this is what it looked like J Yummy!

the birthday girl… happy 85th!

The birthday crew – the Reynolds five, Sara, Daniel, Aunt Jane,
Betty Chris, Ryan, Brent, Patty, and the queen herself!

these are two of my favorite pictures from when
Daniel and I kept Rhett a few weekends ago!

Rhett, Auntie Favorite, and Uncle Daniel

Easter decorations are up and it is feeling more like Spring - the pictures below are of the decorations and the flower bed that Daniel and I spent all day Sunday making... I think it turned out nicely - now, to see if everything will live :/

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oh happy days...

this is a completely random post.... but these are a few things that have made me smile over the past few days...

  • Granny's 85th birthday party at the Nursing Home... she so enjoyed having everyone there even though she wasn't sure who everyone was... :) one of the funniest parts of the day was after we had given everyone a piece of cake, sang happy birthday, and eaten, the people were leaving and heading back to their rooms... this man was standing over the cake where he proceeded to take his finger and lick all the icing that was on the edges... and he ate another piece of cake... and then, when the party was over, we couldn't take the cake home that he had licked all over... so my cousin Brent gave him the rest of the cake... and some more fruit punch... and then, we found out he was a diabetic... whoops! Momma told the nurses what all he had eaten and they watched him the rest of the afternoon :)

  • Rhett - super funny these days... on Friday, I picked him up when I came in from school and we went straight to the golf course... we rode and watched Mo play a few holes and then Uncle Daniel got there... I have never seen a child who loves to play outside like he does :) we played outside until bout dark and then ate supper with them... he made me laugh all night long... and then on Saturday, he spent the night because Sage and Amanda had a wedding to attend. Daniel and I also had a party to attend so we took Rhett with us... let me start by saying that we are many, many years away from having kids - especially after having him Saturday night... I did not realize how much you had to pack for a two hour outing :) and he learned two new tricks while with us... he can now tell you what the sheep says... and he can find his nose :) genius...

  • Cotton - this was not funny when it happened but it is now so I will tell the story... Cotton and I have been cheating a little since it has been cooler in the mornigns and riding to the Country Club - walking on teh elliptical and then walking on the course... last Friday, it was beautiful so we walked to the Country Club - on the way home, Cotton saw a squirrel and went to chase it... and proceeded to tangle his leash around my legs and... you guessed it, trip me :) on all fours in the middle of the road... two skinned knees and a whipped dog later, it became funny... I should also tell you that I have had skinned knees for the past four years... :)

  • the fact that I have a mere 46 days until graduation :) which means there are only 39 days until the beach...

  • the Spring weather... although my legs are entirely too white to wear shorts, I have worn them three times already this week!

  • Our upcoming trip to charleston... My dad's nephew Craig is getting married this Saturday and momma, daddy, and I are heading East for the big day... Mom and I went on a girls trip with her family a few years ago to Charleston and I immediately fell in love with the city - it is historical, hip, beachy, and the perfect getaway... I can't wait to visit the Market and see what it new :)

I really wanted to include some pictures... but it is the week before spring break, my kiddos are wild, I am out of control, and I am super busy - trying to finish projects and pack for Charleston... maybe there will be a post with no words and pictures coming soon :)

If you are wondering why the text is pink... it's because it is finally SPRING :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy birthday, sara

today is Sara's 26th birthday... Let me start by saying that Sara is my oldest brother, Morgan's girlfriend. She has been a part of the family for a little over a year now and we have all enjoyed having her around. Having always been the only girl, it has been so much fun to have Sara around. I cannot brag on her enough - she puts up with a lot... whether Morgan is playing in a golf tournament or hunting in 19 degree weather, she is always ready to go... and I love having her around because she has super cute clothes... and even better, she is a great sharer :) Once, she brought me a dress with the tags on and told me I could wear it first... to me, it's kind of like having a sister around but we missed those really awkward years when we hated each other - I guess that would be what it is like :/ - and I love having her around because she is funny and sweet and she is a wonderful girl friend to Morgan, and she takes some of the pressure off me when it is all boys - we like to cut up and we are definitely bad influences on each other... can I say that I am pumped about our beach trip? because it is going to be a blast :)

with all of that being said....

happy birthday Sara  :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Field Trip to CHOM

Last Thursday, three classes from UWACS headed to Tuscaloosa for what proved to be a fun and exciting day! Let me begin by saying that I was to drive the van for this trip and I was a little nervous... My co-teacher and three kids were the only passengers - all the other kids met us there! The day began without a hitch - car seats in, kids loaded, a quick prayer and we hit the road :) I was as nervous as an elephant in a china shop - and I made it :) When we arrived, I dropped the kiddos and Ms. Olivia off at the door where Sara met us. After getting the van parked, I headed in - and forgot the name tags - and I headed in - and forgot the money... thirty minutes after our arrival, I finally made it in! The place was so cute... we did five exhibits - grandmother's attic, DCH mini hospital, Beaver Bend, Art Studio, and the tug boat... the kids loved every exhibit although I think they were partial to the boat :)  - I might have liked the boat, too!

The trip was great. As much as I count down to graduation, I will truly miss my job, my co-workers, and my kiddos... as my first class, they will always hold a special place in my heart!

Monday, March 7, 2011

what's been going on -

to answer that in a few words... a lot :) these are a few things that have kept me busy!

school... it's midterm time, my online class has ended, Spring Break is quickly approaching which = deadlines, and I am just plain worn out!

work... field trip last week, lesson plans to be done for next week, newsletters, new students who are adjusting, book fair week, we have been getting to play outside and now it is too cold :( , meetings... and so on!

Daniel... :) headed to his house this weekend to use my Valentine's present (massage, manicure, and pedicure from Gilda's) - and I am really excited about that although I have a lot of things I could do if I stayed home...

family... momma hurt her back at work last week so I have been trying to help out more around the house - like washing clothes and dishes - which makes for a busy morning before school (since I am not home at night) - and attempting to keep my room in order with the changing seasons...

working out- let me just say that pet accountability partners are way better than people ones... Cotton makes me feel so guilty if I miss my morning exercise. That is great - because I have been going every morning for about three weeks now. And I got on the scales Saturday and I have dropped ten pounds since January :) which makes it seem worthwhile! However, my best friend Kaley lost ten pounds last WEEK doing the Sacred Heart diet- but it is totally gross... and not for me!

life in general - been spending a lot of time with Rhett who is now nineteen months old and a "stick of hell" as Daniel and Sage say. He is definitely a wild child but he is growing so much and I am loving all of the time we are getting to spend with them. Sage and Amanda asked this weekend if I would go to the beach with them to help with Rhett and I am pumped :) That makes three beach trips for the summer!

I have also been trying to keep up Cole's weekly visit which seems to get harder the older he gets. We are about to start baseball season which means practices and games. I can't believe he is TEN! where has the time gone? Also, he has been playing his guitar a lot more and he is getting so good. I will have to get his permission but I will try to post a video...

Also, there has been a lot of sadness around lately- one of my roommates from college (who just married a guy I grew up with) has a sister who is doing mission work in South Africa... I am not sure of the specifics but this past weekend, Sarah had some kind of horseback riding accident and was hurt pretty badly. I am sure this is a scary time for her family being that she is on another continent... please keep her and her family in your prayers. They are very strong and Sarah has a lot of people praying for her but a few more would not hurt.

On top of that sadness for the weekend, a family friend of ours had a baby on February 15 - before he was born, they knew he would have heart problems... after three weeks and three times on life support, they made the decision to take him off last night. He went to heaven shortly after - please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers. They have been through so much over the past few years.

And lastly, Daniel and I made a visit to Granny yesterday. I can't write much about this because it is sad and I don't really care to keep the sad memories documented... I will say that Alzheimer's is a scary disease that has taken over my Granny. She is still just as loving and caring but it's just not the same... she did tear up the chocolate chip pound cake that mom sent her so it is good to know she has not lost her appetite. Granny will be 85 on the 19th of this month - such a long life full of joy, laughter, and love!

Sorry for the sad post but I have had a lot on my mind here lately... next time = happy field trip post and pictures!!

I know there is a reason for the sadness. In my own life, it has made me realize how fortunate I am to have all that I do.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

field trip day...

tomorrow, I am taking my second field trip as the teacher... still a little scary. Kaley and I have planned this entire field trip from the date down to bagging snacks today - and I am driving tomorrow... to Tuscaloosa... on a fifteen passenger van... with kids :/ so, if you are out there and would like to say a little prayer for safe travels, that would be much appreciated... can't wait to post about the trip and share some pictures!!

Read Across America Day

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - and Happy Read Across America Day :)

If you can read, thank a teacher today :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Favorites

Okay, so I have admitted that I have a slight major blog obsession these days... I thought I would share with my blog readers some of my favorites.

Personal/People I Actually Know:
Life After College - My best friend Kaley's blog - Life After College - fun thoughts from a fun girl!

This-and-That - Sara's blog about crafts, life, and little Mack who was born yesterday and is precious!

The Money Pit - Jennifer and I used to work together and she and her huband Colter just welcomed their first born Case about two weeks ago. This blog is mainly about the renovations they are making to an older home in the booming town of Gainesville :)

Along the Road - This was actually the first blog I ever read... Hope is from Butler and her parents live almost in our neighborhood. On the 2nd of July a few years ago, Hope and her children were at her paretns house and her little girl Alaina went to sleep and woke up in heaven. Hope's words are inspiring. She does not blog much anymore but some of her older posts are beyond words. She has a gift for expressing her thoughts. She is the epitome of a good wife and mother. She also gives all of teh glory for her strenghth to God :)

Craft Blogs - there are tons of these but these are the ones I check DAILY:

A Girl and A Glue Gun - Wow! When I tell you that Kimbo is a funny, crafty girl - there is not much else to say. Around Christmas, she was posting cute gift ideas daily. One of my favorite crafts that she does is the felt car mat - hopefully I will have some kiddos of my own to make one of these for... I also love her menu boards and crayon rolls... A-MAZING pretty much sums her up.

Eighteen 25 - Another craft one. They have TONS of printables and neat crafts for kids!

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar - This is a great blog with neat crafts... her son's new Batman room is so cute. Plus, she has great tutorials about posting, photography, and blogging in general!

Fly Through our Window - This is not technically a CRAFT blog but she does have sewing patterns and a few recipes that are crafty. I really like to stalk the cute pictures of her kids she puts up :)

Teacher Blogs:

The First Grade Parade - WOW! Can I just say that Cara has it going on. Not only is she a teacher and a mom, but she also has time to make tons of cute printables. Many of them are for sale in her TpT store but she also has a ton that you can download or save in Google Docs.

The Inspired Apple - A friend of Cara's who is knew to the teacher blog world but who is absolutely amazing. She also has tons of things to download and a TpT store!

The Preschool Playbook - This is one that I just found last night - lots of great ideas, not so many printables but it is perfect for me since I am currently teaching a preschool class!

Random Blogs:

All Because Two People Fell in Love - This is a heart wrenching story. I just started reading this one and I am in tears each time I read. This mother got the phone call no mother wants to get - the babysitter called last week and said that her four month old - Maddie - had stopped breathing. Such a sad story. This blog is also one that will inspire you to cherish each moment and live life to the fullest.