Tuesday, September 11, 2012

blogging hiatus…

I just realized that the last time I blogged was the night before Luke was born and that was ten weeks ago. For those five faithful readers, I apologize. I have no excuse except LIFE! I will try to play catch up on the past ten weeks - nothing too eventful. Just life in general...

The end of June was spent recuperating from the wedding, seeing Luke be born, and many other things. It is a strange feeling when a childhood friend has a baby. Katie was preggers in our wedding and she hung in like a trooper. She danced, she took pictures, she laughed, and she was perfect.

A short two weeks after the wedding, we (Katie and Patrick's families and Auntie Favorite) welcomed Luke Patrick Linder into the world. He was nothing short of perfect. I know that Katie and Patrick are wonderful parents. Skipping ahead a little bit, Tuesday after Labor Day was Katie's first day back since Luke was born. I truly missed my teaching friend. It is so nice to have her back down the sidewalk for the rest of the year!

I was right about Katie and Patrick being wonderful parents. Luke is precious and they are wonderful as a family of three.

In other news, Momma and Daddy purchased a River Camp on the Tombigbee. It truly is one of my family’s most favorite places in the world so I am sure it will get lots of use!

Daniel and I are as happy as ever being married. It has been an adjustment but a good one! Our wedding day was seriously the best day ever. I look at pictures all the time and realize how blessed we were are to have such wonderful family and friends.

wedding 1

In other big news for our family, this little guy…


is going to be a big brother in April. We are all hoping for a girl (at least I am) but all we really want is a healthy baby and a not jealous big brother. Rhett is at such a fun age. He started at Little Saints in August and I LOVE watching him on the playground. He loves to come to “Aunt Curt’s” room with the pencil on the door. His teachers tell me that he looks out the window at my classroom at least once a day which makes my heart very happy.

Morgan hit his first hole-in-one and won the club championship at the end of the summer. The hole-in-one was a first but the club championship was a repeat. The entire family was very proud of both…


Can’t finish this blog without another wedding picture…


I will try to be back sooner than ten weeks but I make no promises… until then!

Monday, June 25, 2012

in a different chapter of their lives…

As Daniel and I begin our new chapter of being married, one of my best friends Katie and her husband Patrick will begin a new chapter of being parents. Tomorrow, June 26, 2012 we will all welcome Luke Patrick Linder into the world. While his original due date was July 14, 2012, he is ready to come early. I am sure it is because he wants to meet his Auntie Favorite. I know that Katie and Patrick will be wonderful parents. They are always smiling and laughing and after two years of marriage I can still tell that they love each other more each day. I will be back with some real pictures of Luke out of the tummy but for now – here is his last sonogram picture!


in other words…

There will be a very lengthy wedding recap soon – for now, I am posting about the wonderful people who helped to make our day so wonderful! I made a speech at the rehearsal dinner attempting to thank all the people who helped and I am certain that I failed miserably. It was the most emotional part of the entire weekend and it was also one of the most important. Behind the tears, this is what I had intended to say…

To my wonderful bridesmaids – you girls are the best. I am blessed with beautiful and sweet friends who have dealt with a Type A bride for 15 months and never said a word!

Katie – my friend for the longest and the most pregnant. At eight months preggers, you have been a trooper. You have been down the sidewalk to help me choose fonts and approve every little decision that was made. You are a precious soul and I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend in you!

Sara – my kindred spirit. You are one of the most important people in my life. You are the person I count on to make my sweet big brother a happy man. You are kind and unselfish, you are laughter and you are medicine to a friend. You are the sister I never had and will always love.

Rachael – my first friend besides the bad boys. At a mere fifteen months older, you were always there to show me the ropes of life. You have been such a wonderful role model in everything. It is hard to believe we are both getting married this year. I cannot wait to stand beside you as you become Mrs. Stone in a few months!

Amanda – my new sister. I am blessed to have you, Sage, and Rhett as a part of my life. I have had the best time watching you grow as a mother and Rhett grow as a precious boy! You are a wonderful sister to Daniel and a great friend to me. Being across the street, you have also endured the planning process like a champ. I am ever thankful for the many glasses of wine consumed over this wedding and planning!

Christy – When I met you on your wedding day five years and one week ago, I had no clue we would become such wonderful friends. From day one, you have treated me like family. You and Josh have opened your home and your hearts to Daniel and I without reserve. I have enjoyed watching you and Josh grow in your marriage! You are a great example of a wonderful marriage. I thank you for your friendship and love!

K-Dawg – my best friend. You are the greatest friend I could have ever dreamed of. When you talk about our friendship, you always say that I got you through school – the truth is you totally got me through college. If it had not been for the laughter and support from you, I would have driven myself crazy! You are a free spirit with a kind heart. You are a great example of unselfish love! I am a better person for having known you and you are a blessing in my life.

Maggie – my sweet little baby! From our Disney World trips to the many play dates in Lisman, you have helped to mold me into the person I am. From the fiery red headed two year old to the beautiful young lady here today, I have loved watching you grow!

Sage – I can’t say much about you except you have been a trooper for the past fifteen months. Tomorrow at about 6:30, I give you your summer back!

Josh – I can’t say enough great things about you. You have been a wonderful friend to Daniel over the years. Whether it was working on our wedding slideshow or opening the doors of your new home for me to have a much needed few days away, you have always been there for us! Daniel is blessed with great family and I am happy to be a Vick tomorrow!

Shane – Daniel is lucky to have such a great big brother to look up to. You are funny, sweet, and a wonderful Daddy to your sweet girls. We are blessed to have you all in our lives.

Morgan and Tyler – my sweet boys. Some people spend their entire lives looking for a best friend. I was lucky to be born with two who lived right down the hall. You two have been constant through my whole life. You have always been there for love, support, to knock me down a notch, and definitely for laughter. As momma and daddy have always told us, I love you the same for different reasons. Morgan, I love you because no matter how many things change, you always stay the same. You are a blessing to those around you and a wonderful big brother. Tyler, I love you because of your fun personality. You are the laughter that lights up a room and the story that needs to be told again and again. I love your contagious laughter and never ending smile. You are both blessings to me and I am forever thankful to have you in my life!

Cole – I have loved watching you grow up. You are a precious young man and we are happy to have you in our wedding. I still think you should be little enough to be the ring bearer but I am happy of the young man you have grown into!

To our parents – most couples today cannot say that their parents have been married for thirty years each but Daniel and I can both say that. Both of our parents will tell you they have not been an easy thirty years but that they have been worth it. We are blessed to have two wonderful examples of long lasting marriages!

Mr. Danny and Mrs. Mary Ann – I thank you for the sweet, caring, giving, and precious son that you raised. He is a blessing to my life and all the lives around him. I know that he was raised right because the day I met him he was as kind as he is today. You are great parents and have raised a fine son!

Momma and Daddy – I am certain that I got the best of the best on parents. You have been nothing short of amazing my entire life. I could not have planned this wedding without the help of you both. Momma, you have had a punch list from the get go and you have punched it hard. I am certain we would not have food, flowers, or tablecloths if it wasn’t for you! Daddy, from finishing mine and Daniel’s new home to making sure every piece of tin was up and the columns were painted, you have exceeded your father of the bride duties! I hope you both remember that I am always your little girl and that you are not losing a daughter but gaining a son. Remember that no matter how old I get or how big my butt gets that I will still fit in both of your laps!

Daniel – my best friend. Our song “Carried Away” by George Strait says “I get carried away by the look by the light in your eyes. Before I even realize the ride I’m on, baby I’m long gone.” The past five years have been a wonderful ride. Tomorrow we celebrate five years – during these five years, we have gone from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend, to engaged, and tomorrow we finally become husband and wife. You are the most amazing man I know. You are giving, kind, supportive, funny, and everything that is perfect to me. Sacrifice does not being to describe what you have done for me. From picking up and moving to Butler to smiling and being supportive through every wedding decision, you have been amazing in every way! You are my best friend and my forever and my always!


I know these words mean little to nothing to other people but they mean the world to me. I cannot explain how wonderful my friends and family were the entire weekend.

Here is my favorite picture of the wedding party…

photo 2

Thursday, May 17, 2012

23 days…

If you think you read that wrong, you didn’t… there are exactly 23 days until our wedding. I . Am. Pumped. At this point, all the big things are done and it really is the details. On the bright side, today was my last day of school. I officially survived my first year of teaching and it was an absolute blast. I am anxious for next year and all the things it will hold. Right now, I am anxious for June 9. This is a little bit of what has been keeping me busy…

FBC Shower – April 22, 2012








Girls’ Beach Trip/Mullet Toss

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Pictures from the beach weekend would not be complete without… On my list was to find a guy with a mullet. I am pretty convinced he is the father of Joe Dirt.

photo 1

First Grade Zoo Trip – May 4, 2012

photo 4

Lingerie Shower – May 4, 2012


Linen Shower – May 5, 2012




Hoboken Church Shower – May 6, 2012




Surprise Shower from First Grade – May 7, 2012


“The Wedding Room” after all the showers. We are so blessed to have so many people to do things for us. Every time I look at the gifts, I am overjoyed. And yes, that is “the” dress hanging in the closet just waiting to be worn.




I may not have mentioned that Daniel started a new job in the midst of all this and we are remodeling a house. He is truly amazing. Sacrifice does not begin to describe what he does for me each and every day. I am blessed beyond measure. I will leave you with a picture of what really makes me love him…

photo 3

And a picture of our precious nephew who is in the midst of potty training… how precious!

photo 5

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuscaloosa Couples’ Shower

This past weekend, Daniel and I had a wonderful party with some great friends. When Daniel and I started dating, I knew I would gain some new friends (his friends) but I never knew they would become like family to ME! Josh and Christy have become such a great part of our lives and were so kind (even though they are in the middle of moving) to have our shower at their house. They (along with my bestie Kaley and Ty) threw a great shower! We got lots of great gifts but mostly, we had an absolute blast. I said “you know it’s a good party when you are doing ‘the train’ in the living room before the night is over!” – I think the pictures will speak for themselves. Like I said, we are lucky to have wonderful friends and family and could not have made it this far without their unconditional love and support!

Josh, Christy, Daniel, Me, Kaley, and Ty - Our Wonderful Hostesses!
Food Table - love the colors!
me and Kathryn Ezell
me and Anna Banana :)
Butler Girls - Emma, Me, and Anna
Best. Friend. Ever.
I was explaining to her that when your arms are actually skinny there is no need to do "the skinny arm"!
Marengo County Boys - Justin, Critter, Daniel, Tyler, and Josh
Me and Tyler
Pretty flowers that Mrs. Dee put together
one of the cutest couples ever!
opening gifts
toasting flutes for the reception!
Love all of these Vicks - can't wait to be one!
Love TB and Ramanda!
Beer cans on roof = need for ladder!
Bakery cupcakes - YUMMY!
Love, love, love!
party foul.
clean-up crew
Love Mama Hornsby!
Me and Joshua
Kaley insisted on this pose!

This was definitely one of our most fun showers. I am so excited about our other ones to come. I have LOVED being engaged but once again, I am ready to be MARRIED!