Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Remember my camera/phone/computer would not cooperate. Here goes another try...

Me and Katie during our first Homecoming together as teachers.
 If I dug, I could probably find this same picture of us from high school :)

Big Girl Belle :)

Belle and her Mommy

Dancing with Mommy - she has got to learn the difference in dancing and JUMPING!

Rhett got his second big boy haircut yesterday and I almost cried. He looks way older than 2!
That should do it for pictures/posts for now. I still need to post about ButlerFest but that will have to wait!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

busy times flying by.

** The beginning of the post was started last week.**

whew. That should be enough to explain my weekend. While this was one of the busiest weekends I have had in a while, it was also one of the most fun! Technically not the weekend, I enjoyed "keeping" (or whatever you do with an eleven year old) Cole Wednesday and Thursday night. He is so much fun and always keeps me on my toes. We even took Tyler out for some yummy Mexican Wednesday - unlike Rhett, Cole thinks he is too cool for pictures but take my word for it- he's super handsome :)

Friday was a crazy day at school. If you are a teacher then you know last week was fire prevention week. We ended the week with a fire safety presentation by the local fire departments. The highlight of the day was the tour of the fire truck - i.e. getting to blow the horn really loudly -


it really is a lot of fun to watch kids explore something as common as a fire truck.

After school on Friday, I headed to Beaver Creek (near Sweet Water) to Sage’s sister’s house to retrieve Rhett for the weekend. Amanda had a ladies golf trip and Aunt Court needed some one-on-one Rhett time. We had the best weekend. I have to say that of all the times I have kept him, this was the most fun. We spent Friday afternoon outside at the Country Club, enjoyed supper and then headed home to get in the “big tub” – I will only post one bathtub picture because he may read this one day ;)


On Saturday morning, we woke up really early to head to Meridian for the Walk for Alzheimer’s. This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. My sweet Granny has Alzheimer’s and while it does not cause the physical pain like other diseases, the mental pain is just as bad. Alzheimer’s is a disease that goes unnoticed by many. With the help of friends and family, I was able to raise $600 for the walk. About $20,000 was raised at Saturday’s walk alone. I was so glad to have Momma there to walk with me and even Rhett enjoyed the ride. It was a beautiful day and I hope to become more involved with this cause in the future.


Saturday afternoon was spent napping until DD came home from work. Once DD came home and Aunt Curt and Rhett were rested, the playing began again. We headed to Morgan’s new house to watch Alabama beat the Ole Miss Rebs and enjoyed some country play time.


On Sunday, Cotton woke Daniel and I up barking. I thought Rhett was in the bed with Daniel and Daniel thought Rhett was in the bed with me – turns out Rhett was up and petting the deer. Thank goodness for Cotton or he may have been headed down the stairs!

The busy weekend was a fun start to a busy, busy week... HOMECOMING. I have experienced homecoming as a student and LOVED it. Homecoming as a teacher is a much different story. Talk about rowdy kiddos! Monday was pajama day and the kids were calm and quiet.

Tuesday was the funniest day of the week - Senior Citizen Day. I shopped around in Granny's closet and found some nice pants and a Christmas sweater that I deemed "senior citizeny" enough to make the cut! My kids (who I thought would not enjoy this day) went above and beyond. One even had a walker and an oxygen line. This is our group picture - I am also including the boy/girl picture so you can see a close up.

Mrs. Emily and I were the only teachers who dressed up - leave it to the new ones :)

Wednesday was Costume Day and while my kiddos ranged from Rocky Balboa to Top Gun, I opted out of this day. My costume days are long gone and I was a little unprepared. Here is the class group picture. Top Gun was by far my favorite!

The theme for this year was "Rockin' with the Saints" so Thursday was 50s Day. One of our room mothers for the year made all of the girls (and Ms. Courtney) a poodle skirt. All the boys were greased up and ready for the 50s.

Friday was Spirit Day - as always! The day was filled with movie watching, playground playing, parade riding, and cheering for the Saints. It was so nice to be on campus for the day as a teacher. I can't say enough good things about being a Saint! There is a feeling about being there and being home. Once a saint, always a SAINT!

They were less than pumped during this picture - it was after the parade and they had been told about 122384791823475498239 times that their bottoms needed to touch the heels of their feet!

The busy week ended with a relaxing weekend at Daniel's. We did nothing and I LOVED every second of it! I had a productive Saturday cleaning house and then enjoyed watching the TIDE roll over TN. I hope they do as well in a couple of weeks when we tailgate for the LSU game. RTR! Sunday, Daniel and I went on a date. I hate to admit it but I have never seen the original movie Footloose. It's just not something I have ever sat down to watch. Anyways, we went to see the new one and I LOVED it! Definitely going to be watching the original soon. I had Fall Break yesterday and today. Yesterday I did little to nothing. I did watch the movie Bridesmaids which I do not recommend. I enjoyed some play time with Belle who has become quite the big girl. Yesterday, she weighed 50.8 pounds. Daniel and I like to joke that big girls need loving, too! I will post some new pictures of Belle soon! My phone/e-mail/computer are not all cooperating right now!

Today, I went around the world to come home. I had to go through Demopolis to pick up my weekend passes to the River Jam this weekend. I never win contests... ever... and I won two passes to River Jam this weekend from Win 98.5. I am pretty pumped! I came home to celebrate Momma's 52nd birthday. The epitome of unselfishness and a perfect momma - she really does deserve the best. This *short* week at school will hold lots of reviews and probably some retraining since we have been off and were so laid back last week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

update :)

As of right now, I need to post about ButlerFest, my weekend with Rhett, and  Homecoming week. Just wanted to say hello to those of you who read and let you know that at some point in the near future, I plan to have three posts - or one really long one! Happy Friday and Happy Homecoming at Patrician!


Monday, October 10, 2011

one is the loneliest number….

for 23 years, 241 Country Club Drive has been the home to five people (and Cotton) as of today, we are down to three – 1 kiddo and 2 parents… and cotton! Morgan has been talking about moving out for some time now – and this weekend, he DID it. No warning, just moved – not really but that is what it seemed like. I should also mention that I hate change – not that I want to be in the same place for the rest of my life but change all at once is a little much. Not two months ago, Tyler moved out. As weird as it is, one moving out was not too bad. Tyler’s house is on my way home from school and I can stop any day I want to. I guess because Morgan is the last one – the straw that broke the camel’s back if you will – it was a little much. When I walked in his new house yesterday, I found it hard to hold back the tears – and I couldn’t. Morgan insisted that I stop but I couldn’t – it was too much. I am proud of him and his new house but on the selfish side, I want my brothers back. All the fussing I have done over the years about cold showers and being blocked in when I was running late is over… and I miss it already. Another reason I am sad about Morgan moving out is because we are also losing Sara. For almost two years, she has been a part of our weekend family. It has been nice having another girl around. Though I know she is not leaving, she won’t be back to our house – side note – she also shed some tears over leaving the house, too. I have already told Mo and ty that I am making a schedule for my spend the night parties – which will happen regularly! I said yesterday to Momma and Daddy that I didn’t want to be the only child at home but then again, I am leaving in just a short eight months. At 29, 25, and 23, it is time for us all to fly the coop and spread our wings – I know that change is good but that doesn’t make it any easier!


*next post, Butler Fest, pictures of Morgan’s house, and our new class pet Peanut!